About You

This Website is all about you.

The only purpose we are here is to help you.

“If you hear a voice within you that says ‘You cannot Paint,’ then by all means paint, and that voice will be silenced.” — Vincent Van Gogh

Before we start, allow us to share some of Our Beliefs “about You” with you.

1.       You are BORN to Achieve.

2.       You have Greatness hidden inside you

3.       You can Achieve more than you Believe.

4.       God Created you & God does not create JUNK, So you are valuable.

5.       You are here because Your TIME to Achieve has come.

If you believe one or more of the above statements, you are in the Right place. You may ask WHY.

Do you agree that man is the Greatest Creation of God? Then you will agree that every human is born with certain talents and qualities unique to him.  The reason why most people are not able to achieve success or reach greater heights is because they do not realise their own talents or fail to see their own potentials. Just like a diamond which needs polishing to shine, a man needs proper guidance and training to shine in life and achieve his true potential. At Ya Training we believe that every human has greatness hidden inside him and every person is born to achieve.

If you believe you can achieve, then you can achieve more than you Believe.

Success is not a matter of luck (i.e. chance). It is a matter of L.U.CK. which stands for

L – Labour

U – Under

C – Correct

K – Knowledge

So if you are working with the right knowledge, you cannot be far from success. And this also includes using the right tools and strategies to achieve your goals.

We would like to share an interesting short story with our readers. Once a man passed by a group of elephants in a circus. He was surprised to see that the elephants were tied to a small pole by a small, thin rope which could be broken easily by the huge creatures, yet the animals made no attempt to break away and set themselves free.

He asked the trainer standing near by the reason about the strange behaviour of the elephants. The trainer replied that the creatures are tied to an Iron Pole dug deep into the ground with a Steel Chain when they are still babies. At that age they try their Best to break the Chain. The harder they try, more they feel pain. Slowly, they reach the conclusion that as long as something is tied to their legs, they can’t move,

Once they stop tugging at the chain, then the small rope is enough to hold them. As they grow old, they still hold the belief that they cannot break away from the rope holding them and so they never make an attempt to set themselves free.

The man was amazed to hear the story. The elephants could have at anytime broken the bondage to achieve their freedom but because they believed they could not do it, they actually remain tied to a small pole.

Most of us live a life that is very much similar to that of those elephants. So many of us have even stopped trying to achieve the success we truly deserve because the failures of the past has destroyed our self confidence and leads us to believe that we cannot be successful in future. Our negative mental conditioning is the bondage that holds us back from achieving true success and happiness.

At Ya Training we have made it our mission to arm people with the right strategies and skills necessary to achieve success and fulfil one’s aspirations.