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Whether you are a Business owner, Micropreneur, Solopreneur, Entrepreneur or even an established Corporate,
we believe that you would like to

  1. Increase Your Sales

  2. Improve Your Profitability

  3. BOTH

Is that true?

If you answered yes to all or any one of the questions above, you are in the Right Place.

Ya Training is a Premier Sales & Leadership Training Institute for Corporate, Entrepreneurs, Micropreneurs and Individuals aimed at providing Result-oriented training to Multiply Sales and Profits.

Ya Training was started in 1993 and the main objective of Ya Training is to help Startups, Professionals and Entrepreneurs as well as MSMEs and Large Businesses to Increase their Sales and Multiply their Profits as quickly as possible and normally, our clients can see the results within as little as 30 to 90 days. Our training programs are designed to empower people and develope their skills which will help them reach their sales target quickly and easily.

Actually, there is an overwhelming need in the Indian market for Training in Sales, lack of which is the main reason why most start-ups as well as many businesses fail and are forced to wind up their businesses. However, many Business Owners don’t realise that the reason why the sales force in organisations fail to deliver is because they do not have Effective Selling Skills.

Most people think that Selling is one of the toughest and most challenging career in the world, we at Ya Training can guarantee you that once you Learn the Basic Fundamentals of Sales, selling not only becomes easy, but also exciting. The sole purpose of Ya Training is to impart the right and scientific know-how which makes selling easier as well as a stimulating and inspiring experience.

Mr. Yathiraj Agarwal, popularly known as Profit Engineer, is the Founder and Managing Director of Ya Training. With his vast and practical experience in sales, he has successfully trained and guided thousands and thousands of people (close to 200,000) from a variety of different backgrounds to meet their sales goals.

He is a Graduate from BITS Pilani, but he always had a passion for sales. He started selling since childhood and he is one of those rare people who chose sales as a career out of choice and not out of any compulsion. After working for Richardson Hindustan (now known as Procter & Gamble)  as a sales executive from 1977 to 1982, he was fascinated by the concept of direct selling and went on to achieve one of the highest pin in a leading direct selling MNC as one of its direct sellers within a very short time. His experiences during all these years helped him learn all the secrets of a successful sales person and also created an urge in him to share his skills with others.

Realising the need for proper training for sales, Mr. Yathiraj started imparting and sharing his rich knowledge and experience in sales through dynamic and interactive training modules to people all over the world in 1993 and he has been a full time trainer since. Over the years he has helped numerous Startups, Professionals and Business Owners to become more profitable. He has trained individuals and corporate not only  in India but also abroad. He has also conducted training in Leadership, Management, Conducting Interviews, Goal-getting, Communication, and Customer Service. He also provides Consultancy on Sales, Marketing, Strategizing, Planning and implementation to organisations and individuals from all walks of life.

Our Chief Faculty Specialises in helping you
Double Your Sales Triple Your Profit with 6 to 12 month or sometimes even faster. 

Our training modules are based on Proven, Result-producing Methodologies which include Input Sessions, Group Discussion, Self Test, Role-plays, Videos, Games & Exercises.